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J. L. Casten

An annual family trip to Scotland becomes a catalyst that shatters everything Lorali thought she knew and set her life plan ablaze.

Magick ran through her veins, and she was born to lead...
not that anyone bothered to tell her that.

The power within her should be enough to deter any threat, if only she knew how to use it. Her family hid the truth in hopes of keeping her and her brother safe, knowing some would do anything to control them - instead they may have made them sitting targets.

How much longer can they be kept a secret, and can they learn to wield the power they were born with before the truth is revealed?


A. G. Porter, Faith Marlow, Nicci Pearl, Jasmine Shouse, Kristy Kamin, Stephanie Bouse, Marisa Noelle, Lily Luchesi

For readers of the paranormal, we want our romance to carry an edge, a temptation, and maybe a hint of fear. After all, how could you have anything else in worlds where vampires, shapeshifters, spirits and more wander the earth?

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 “Some things should happen on soft pages, not cold metal.”

Harper Lee